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What makes Affinity Health’s medical insurance so good?

This is part 1 in a series of articles sponsored by Affinity Health.


When medical insurance became available in South Africa, it was a revelation for all those of us who were unable to afford traditional, expensive medical aids.

It is a very clever product, in that it provides a specified payout amount for various defined medical conditions and procedures. Peace of mind comes in knowing that these defined medical conditions range from GP visits to dental surgery and pretty much everything in between – and most importantly, emergency evacuation and hospital visits.

The medical aid market is a very volatile one, with (often) large annual increases – 12-15% in most cases – which put huge pressure on already cash strapped South Africans. Bearing in mind that average salary increases are around 7%, it is obvious that maintaining your medical aid cover, if you have it, is becoming more and more difficult; and let’s not forget the constant changes in payout policy from the schemes, and the constant co-payment additions to unforeseen procedures and hospitalization events that are only partially covered!

It is starting to make more and more sense to go with a medical cover that you can manage based on your specific needs, and a plan that is transparent on what and how they are paid out with pricing that is affordable.

When medical insurance launched, a gap was created between the consumer experience of medical aid and the insured’s experience of claiming – and this is where Affinity Health has revolutionized the medical insurance market.

Affinity Health is a pioneer in the health insurance sector as it constantly advances the quality of their products and the service that their customers receive.

With most insurance policies, claiming can become a difficult and confusing exercise – some may say a tactic often employed by the insurer to prevent claims – but Affinity Health has established relationships with all their hospital and general practitioner network partners in order to ensure that you are guaranteed admission to the facility. At the same time you will be provided with the best possible care, often only given to those with private medical aids.

With the knowledge that you receive expert and private care – as well as knowing how much cover you have and what is covered there are no surprises and a simple, hassle-free experience.

It is this ‘radical’ thinking that has enabled Affinity Health to become one of the fastest growing medical insurance providers in South Africa, while still keeping the integrity and innovation that is often missing from this industry.

And true to their proactive vision, new products are constantly being evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. For more information on Affinity Health’s product offerings, visit www.affinityhealth.co.za.

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