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Do you want to quit smoking?

Quit smoking with hypnotherapyFear not all you who are trying to quit smoking! There seems to be a way out, a new age kinda way to actually rid yourself of the nicotine addiction, researchers have found.

According to British hypnotherapist, Max Kirsten, based in London, hypnotherapy is the best way to help people quit smoking cigarettes and his reasons to boast include recommendations from high profile celebrities like Adele and Ewan McGregor, who have both managed to quit under his guidance. Source: https://goo.gl/nGYwHu

Kirsten, who has since become a celebrity sensation as a result, uses a technological application using a range of different techniques. In his methods, Kirsten says he encourages his clients/patients to stop by first changing the way they think. The method is called Quit Smoking Now, and is said to help those trying to quit never to have any withdrawal symptoms, and undoing many other tried and tested quitting methods.

This new method, seen as revolutionary by experts and controversial by others, contains four sessions of hypnotherapy and has since been voted the leading ‘stop smoking’ New Year’s resolution app. This method also comes with its own designed Stop Smoking calculator to help patients track their progress. The good thing about this method is that unlike many others that have been tried before, it helps the patients against succumbing to any sorts of nicotine craving using the Max’s 60 seconds Cravings Buster technique.

Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor, the first reported celebrity to go through the hypnotherapy first started the program as far back as 2009 and has reportedly never touched cigarettes since. British pop sensation Adele, real name Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, who had been smoking a packet of 20 a day, also gave smoking thanks to the therapy.

Some of the quitting methods when you really and finally want to stop that cigarette craving are as follows:

1. Switching cigarette brands for a week before quitting is one of the methods that has proven effective.

2. As someone who has recently quit you are advised to focus on the benefits of not smoking like lack of that smell in your mouth as well as your clothes, for instance. You must also make sure that you sleep well at night as most smokers do it as a stress relieving mechanism especially at night.

3. Write down all of your reasons for wanting to kick your bad habit and have it easily accessible to keep you motivated.

4. Sip water before each of your puffs on the day before you quit smoking for good.

5. Spend time Googling the dangers of smoking, teaching yourself exactly how cigarettes could be damaging your body.

6. Collect all of your smoked cigarettes into a water-filled bottle and notice how horrible they begin to look after just a few days.

Maybe with all the methods that have been tried, tested and failed, the Max Kirsten way is finally the only way to go – time will tell.

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