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SA may soon legalalise marijuana – Good or bad?

Should Marijuana be legalised

Legalise it, don’t criticise it, said late legendary reggae musician and human rights activist Peter McIntosh in his acclaimed song ‘Legalise It’. Tosh was referring to marijuana, the controversial herbal substance mostly smoked. In South Africa you may know it as weed, ganja, zol or Durban poison among others. As ...

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Marijuana – Is it the answer?


Possibly the most controversial debate that has been circulating for many years is the benefits verses the pitfalls of Marijuana. Marijuana is mostly enjoyed recreationally, but recent studies have indicated that the plant, and the products thereof can be helpful in fighting many illnesses, even in the fight against cancer. ...

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The Spice that can kill you

Synthetic Marijuana commonly known as Spice

Many household kitchens contain a spice and herb rack, filled with a variety of bottled and packeted flavour-enhancing spices with labels clearly visible. However, names such as Bizarro, Train Wreck, Kronic, K2, Incense, Fake Weed, Yucatan Fire, Genie, Skunk, Moon Rocks, Zohai and Black Mamba will not be amongst them, ...

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The legal face of marijuana


The movement to legalize marijuana has gained momentum on a global scale and it seems inevitable that it will be formally legalized. The merits of which will always encourage subjective debate regardless of scientific research aligning to either side. The common colloquialism ‘dagga’ is the South African derivative of Cannabis ...

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