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Job satisfaction and your health

Work stress can affect your health in later years

UNHAPPINESS at work may lead to ill health at some stage in your middle age, a new study has found. New research suggests that the way young adults feel about their careers might actually affect them physically and mentally by the time they reach their middle age. Source:  http://bit.ly/2bWziGA Young ...

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The benefits of Yoga

Yoga pose

For the last decade, the west has caught on to the benefits of Yoga, a mostly eastern practise. Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. It includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Yoga is widely practised for health and relaxation. Most people who ...

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Meditation: Health Benefits

Meditation: Health Benefits

  Life in 2016 is fast-paced. Super-fast-paced, actually. Constant buzzing from phones, laptops and other devices made to keep you in the loop can be both enjoyable, and absolutely overwhelming. If you aren’t getting notifications every hour, you seem even more stressed out. Emails, social media, work-groups, group chats and ...

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Eat whole grains and live longer – study finds

whole grains are better than red meat.

A diet comprising of three daily servings of whole grains appears to help people live longer, including by reducing the rates of death from threatening ailments such as heart disease and cancer, according to recent findings by researchers. For each 16-gram serving of whole grains, public health researchers at Harvard ...

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Vaxxed: The link between autism and vaccines

Is the flu shot the biggest lie told to man?

A controversial issue in recent months, building tensions in many medical and parental circles, a documentary that was released this year called ‘Vaxxed’, has caused a stir, as it discusses the links between the debilitating condition, autism, and the vaccines available to the public. Famous American actor Robert De Niro ...

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Stuttering vs. Brain Disorder – Is there any Relation?

is stuttering linked to a brain disorder?

For many years now, medical specialists have considered stuttering to be a cause of childhood trauma or inherited anxiety. According to the most recent studies, those who stutter present specific changes in their brain, compared to fluent speakers. These changes were identified with the help of modern neuroimaging techniques and, ...

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How accurate is that ‘healthy food’ label really?

How accurate is that 'healthy food' label really?

  Every industry has its secrets. They cut corners, shave off ends, and sometimes blatantly lie about certain ‘grey areas’ of the business. The food industry is no exception. This is scary, though. We need to know what we are putting inside of our bodies. Chatting to one consumer on ...

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Tidal Wave of New Medical Technology

health technology

Digital innovations have made great advances in healthcare possible in an amazingly brief timeline. Until recently, the rapid forward pace of technology had limited impact on medical science, but now medicine is about to undergo the biggest changes in its history. In this new era of medicine, physicians can monitor ...

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“Is salt really bad for you?”

Food producers now have legislation to prevent excess salt usage

Most of us have heard that too much salt in one’s diet will result in a truckload of health conditions. However, there are certain experts who say salt isn’t the villain we have been led to believe it is. Actually, new evidence has emerged that salt may in fact been ...

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Is there really a five second rule?

Duck/ Food

The Dilemma: You haven’t eaten all day and you finally find the time to unwrap your home-made burger from its protective cellophane shell. You take your first bite and as the flavours combine in your previously deprived mouth, you lose your grip and the burger falls to the office carpet. ...

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