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Mercedes and Krokodil, the new dangers


Meth, heroin, cocaine; the run of the mill names when one thinks of drugs. But these days, like with every generation that comes and goes, there are more ‘creative drugs on the market, and many with horrific side effects. Recently in South Africa, a drug called ‘Mercedes’ has made headlines, ...

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Johannesburg – A drug haven for youths in pain

Heroin needle in street in Johannesburg

JOHANNESBURG – the city of gold is revealing its  dark side. A side of substance abuse that is characterizing the inner city. I-health looks at this sickness that is killing the country’s economic hub and claiming the health and lives of the youths of this country. The city’s busy center ...

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Heroin: Reasons why it’s probably a bad idea.

Heroin needle in street in Johannesburg

  In the last few years, Cape Town specifically has been ravaged by heroin. It has reared its head in every type of community and isn’t prejudice when it comes to race, income or level of education. In February, SARS Customs Control officials busted ephedrine valued at more than R10-million. ...

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