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E-Cigarettes – controversial weight loss tool?

can vaping on e-cigarettes cause weight loss in fatties??

IN what could yet another controversial find by researchers, Electronic Cigarettes are said to be one of the many ways to curb obesity amongst adults across the world. According to the world governing health body, WHO (World Health Organisation) there has been an increase in obesity across the globe in ...

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legumes are full of protein

I’m offering some protein food ideas for anyone who’d like to add protein without spending an arm and a leg, and adding other health benefits like vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy oils.  When people hear “protein” they naturally think “meat”, but it is possible to get a lot of protein ...

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The Mediterranean diet – is it good or bad?


The Mediterranean diet has had mostly a good review, as it consists of the basic principals of every healthy diet – eat loads of vegetables and nothing processed. This diet even allows carbs and oils! However, as with everything, some have said it may not be as good for you ...

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The Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Does 'low fat' mean healthier?

A new lifestyle trend has emerged called intermittent fasting, that has followers alternating between periods of eating healthily, and abstinence from food. Many experts are backing the craze, offering evidence based theories supporting the health benefits of fasting for a few days between meals. Numerous studies show that it can ...

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Could your microwave kill you?

Microwave Oven

You are what you eat. And if you are microwaving most of your meals, according to 80% of online sources, chances are you’re a mutant potato. Microwaving distorts and deforms the molecules of whatever food or other substance you subject to it. In a world obsessed with instant gratification, however, ...

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To Banting or not to Banting?

Duck/ Food

Diets fads come and go at such a rate. Is the Banting diet another fad or does it have some merit? The problem is that it is difficult to find truly independent information. It is always important to understand what the benefit is to the person who is sharing the ...

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Sugar, carbs, obesity and the choices we make

accordingt to research obesity increases the prevalence of cancer

It seems that the world is changing at an ever increasing rate – and not for the overall good of humanity. Stresses that come from financial insecurity and extra living costs forcing both adults in the household to work, have created the need for faster and more convenient ways to ...

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