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Is Diabetes prevention down to a simple decision?

Type 2 Diabetes is caused by poor choice and bad lifestyle

NOVEMBER is world diabetes awareness month and diabetes is now one of the most prevalent chronic medical conditions globally, is lifestyle and poor dietary choices to blame or are there other factors at play? South Africa and many other ‘3rd World’ African countries, have a substantially high level of diabetic ...

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Sufficient vitamin B12 intake during pregnancy can help cut children’s risk of type 2 diabetes – new study finds

can Vitamin B12 during pregnancy prevent Type 2 Diabetes in the babies adult life?

A new study from United Kingdom researchers has found that vitamin B12 deficiency in pregnancy could raise type 2 diabetes risk for children. The study found that by ensuring that pregnant women get enough vitamin B12 could help reduce their children’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes. http://www.timeslive.co.za/lifestyle/2016/11/09/Vitamin-B12-deficiency-in-pregnancy-could-raise-type-2-diabetes-risk-for-children-study-finds Researchers based ...

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Is red meat the meat of death?

protein in your diet is vital

Fancy yourself some red meat? Well, you may have to reconsider that as US researchers and academics say they have found “sound” evidence that eating red meat increases your chances of dying – yes, you heard that correctly, it increases your chances of parting company with life. In a paper ...

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Diabetes – the unnecessary killer

Diabetes: Testing blood

THE World Health Organization (WHO) recently classified diabetes as one of the largest global health emergences of the 21st century. Worldwide, diabetes is a leading cause of heart attacks and strokes, blindness, kidney failure and lower limb amputation. In South Africa last year, 2.28 million diabetes cases were reported, according ...

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Diabetes – not the killer previously thought?

Diabetes may not be the killer previoulsy thought

According to South African doctor, Craige Golding, diabetes isn’t as lethal as people make it because the condition can be reduced from its status as one of the current biggest killers in the country. And all of this can be done over a period of eight weeks of natural remedy ...

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Obesity: “I finally beat skinny.”

accordingt to research obesity increases the prevalence of cancer

OBESITY is one of the most loathed human conditions but is also one of the fastest growing ones in the world. According to a report by the weekly newspaper the Mail and Guardian, there are more people becoming obese than there are malnourished. According to the same report at least ...

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To Banting or not to Banting?

Duck/ Food

Diets fads come and go at such a rate. Is the Banting diet another fad or does it have some merit? The problem is that it is difficult to find truly independent information. It is always important to understand what the benefit is to the person who is sharing the ...

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Revolutionary new probiotic pill could cure diabetes

Diabetes: Testing blood

Diabetes is a chronic condition for which there is no known cure, well not a satisfactory, affordable one at any rate, although, in very specific cases, some people have been able to overcome it. Generally, those with diabetes have to learn how to manage the condition through medication, lifestyle and ...

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