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Overweight women at higher risk of cancer

accordingt to research obesity increases the prevalence of cancer

A leading scientist has warned that women who struggle to lose the bulge are at greater risk of having cancer. Data revealed that the chance of getting potentially deadly forms of cancer also increased drastically as a person’s weight went up.Source: http://bit.ly/2bLG1Bs A study also revealed that on average, for ...

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Your hair dye could kill you?

A redhead, a brunette an a blonde

If you have ever decided to peroxide your hair, you might relate to the following scenario. So, you decide you want to go a daring platinum blonde. The hairdresser says that your luscious brunette locks are way too dark, and you will need to ‘strip’ your hair of the colour ...

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Mama Lillian Dube, another SA icon fighting cancer

Mama Lillian Dube who has suffered from Cancer for nearly 10 years

Just days after musician and icon Mandoza opened up about his battle and triumph with cancer, another icon going through the same has come out. This time it is the legendary Lillian Dube. The veteran actress with Generations and Muvhango amongst her rich acting portfolio, revealed her struggle with cancer ...

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Mandoza survives cancer

Mandoza the tough kwaito cancer beater

KNOWN for his mesmerizing singing skills with his macho and hoarse voice, kwaito music veteran Mduduzi Tshabalala popularly known as Mandoza has been recently fighting a battle of his life, something that kept him from public view for a good while. The veteran singer, born and bred in the bustling ...

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Singing in a choir could cure cancer?


As ridiculous as it sounds, scientists have found a link between successful cancer treatment and singing in a choir. This has been the focal point of a study by the Royal College of Music in London and charity Tenovus Cancer Care,UK. Apparently, singing in a group helps people already being ...

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The wonders of lemon juice


Do you remember the first time you tasted a lemon or ‘neat’ lemon juice? The look on someone’s face when the sour citric acid hits their tongue is often quite amusing and video worthy! It is important to mention that lemons may be acidic themselves, but they have an extremely ...

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