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Social Media: How does it impact your mental health?


One in four people, worldwide, use social media every day. Harmless as being online may seem, research into the effects that social media has on one’s emotional state, especially the emotional state of teenagers, is concerning to say the least. Medical News Today reported on a study in 2012, that ...

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Prescription Pills: Use on the Rise for Teens

Teen prescription pill use is on the rise

Prescription drugs, over the counter or not, can be beneficial when they are used as prescribed. But, when they are taken simply for leisure, especially by adolescents, there can be physical and mental consequences. This is specifically more dangerous for teenagers. Teenage years are where most people experience drugs or ...

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Heroin: Reasons why it’s probably a bad idea.

Heroin needle in street in Johannesburg

  In the last few years, Cape Town specifically has been ravaged by heroin. It has reared its head in every type of community and isn’t prejudice when it comes to race, income or level of education. In February, SARS Customs Control officials busted ephedrine valued at more than R10-million. ...

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Addiction: Are we creating an addicted species?

e-cigarettes - are they healthier than tobacco?

It seems the word ‘addiction’ is popping up wherever we look today. I see countless articles or programmes on sugar addictions, love addictions, exercise addictions, internet addictions and even plastic surgery or tattoo addictions. Personally I think we need to be a little cautious in how we throw this word ...

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Are you a candidate for exercise addiction?

Exercise addiction: are you an exercise addict?

How much exercise is too much exercise? Recently, James Lawrence, from Utah in the US completed 50 full Iron man distances in 50 days – and to make it even more impressive, he did it in all 50 States. One could ask, however, if his attempt at drawing attention to ...

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