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Combating stroke in South Africa

be aware of a stroke

In 2014, stroke took the lives of over 23 000 South Africans, with one person diagnosed every six minutes. Despite the estimated 132000 strokes a year occurring in South Africa, stroke care is inadequate for current patient needs, says Dr Feroza Motara, Emergency Physician, University of Witwatersrand. To combat this ...

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Unexpected Health Tips

unexpected health tips from a personal trainer

Being healthy is a priority for many people. There are guidebooks, fitness classes, dietary suggestions, and more to assist people in being as healthy as possible. However, a person’s health doesn’t just rely on exercise and better eating habits. More goes into a person’s well being that contributes not only ...

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Do you want to quit smoking?

Quit smoking with hypnotherapy

Fear not all you who are trying to quit smoking! There seems to be a way out, a new age kinda way to actually rid yourself of the nicotine addiction, researchers have found. According to British hypnotherapist, Max Kirsten, based in London, hypnotherapy is the best way to help people ...

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Sufficient vitamin B12 intake during pregnancy can help cut children’s risk of type 2 diabetes – new study finds

can Vitamin B12 during pregnancy prevent Type 2 Diabetes in the babies adult life?

A new study from United Kingdom researchers has found that vitamin B12 deficiency in pregnancy could raise type 2 diabetes risk for children. The study found that by ensuring that pregnant women get enough vitamin B12 could help reduce their children’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes. http://www.timeslive.co.za/lifestyle/2016/11/09/Vitamin-B12-deficiency-in-pregnancy-could-raise-type-2-diabetes-risk-for-children-study-finds Researchers based ...

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E-Cigarettes – controversial weight loss tool?

can vaping on e-cigarettes cause weight loss in fatties??

IN what could yet another controversial find by researchers, Electronic Cigarettes are said to be one of the many ways to curb obesity amongst adults across the world. According to the world governing health body, WHO (World Health Organisation) there has been an increase in obesity across the globe in ...

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