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5 Things to Do When Your Child Needs Dental Care

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None of us are immune from cavities, plaque, or just general dental care. We need to be especially vigilant with our kids’ dental health, making sure they brush and floss their teeth as often as possible. But going to the dentist can be a hassle for parents—and understandably nerve-wracking for ...

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Combating stroke in South Africa

be aware of a stroke

In 2014, stroke took the lives of over 23 000 South Africans, with one person diagnosed every six minutes. Despite the estimated 132000 strokes a year occurring in South Africa, stroke care is inadequate for current patient needs, says Dr Feroza Motara, Emergency Physician, University of Witwatersrand. To combat this ...

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Do you want to quit smoking?

Quit smoking with hypnotherapy

Fear not all you who are trying to quit smoking! There seems to be a way out, a new age kinda way to actually rid yourself of the nicotine addiction, researchers have found. According to British hypnotherapist, Max Kirsten, based in London, hypnotherapy is the best way to help people ...

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Effective Home Treatments for Bacterial Vaginosis

There are many home remedies to cure bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis are among different health issues that attack and invade the female reproductive system. In fact, the female reproductive system is greatly susceptible to many infections more that the male system. Bacterial vaginosis is known as a bacterial disease that has a negative effect on the female vagina. It ...

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Mental health – a burden or misunderstood condition?

MENTAL illness, sometimes referred to as a disability is one of the most misunderstood health conditions, sometimes leaving those who suffer from it side-lined by co-workers, friends, strangers and even family members. But what is mental illness and how are people, especially those who aren’t directly affected, dealing with it ...

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SA to test ground-breaking HIV vaccine trial

There is a new AIDS Vaccine in town and it is being trialled in South Africa

SOUTH Africa on Wednesday (World Aids Day) started a new and ground-breaking trial that will basically test the effectiveness of a vaccine aimed at permanently preventing HIV. Source: https://goo.gl/Q8MfFW The announcement, in Cape Town, rightfully coincided with the World Aids Day, a calendar date that is used worldwide to concentrate ...

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SA may soon legalalise marijuana – Good or bad?

Should Marijuana be legalised

Legalise it, don’t criticise it, said late legendary reggae musician and human rights activist Peter McIntosh in his acclaimed song ‘Legalise It’. Tosh was referring to marijuana, the controversial herbal substance mostly smoked. In South Africa you may know it as weed, ganja, zol or Durban poison among others. As ...

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Is Diabetes prevention down to a simple decision?

Type 2 Diabetes is caused by poor choice and bad lifestyle

NOVEMBER is world diabetes awareness month and diabetes is now one of the most prevalent chronic medical conditions globally, is lifestyle and poor dietary choices to blame or are there other factors at play? South Africa and many other ‘3rd World’ African countries, have a substantially high level of diabetic ...

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