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How to tackle the January Blues

How to beat the january blues

AFTER the December long holidays comes the rather longish month of January that infamously shows people the blues. According to experts, if you are away from work or gym for a period longer than 14 days, two weeks, you lose touch with your work routine, or your body may suffer ...

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Mental health – a burden or misunderstood condition?

MENTAL illness, sometimes referred to as a disability is one of the most misunderstood health conditions, sometimes leaving those who suffer from it side-lined by co-workers, friends, strangers and even family members. But what is mental illness and how are people, especially those who aren’t directly affected, dealing with it ...

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SA may soon legalalise marijuana – Good or bad?

Should Marijuana be legalised

Legalise it, don’t criticise it, said late legendary reggae musician and human rights activist Peter McIntosh in his acclaimed song ‘Legalise It’. Tosh was referring to marijuana, the controversial herbal substance mostly smoked. In South Africa you may know it as weed, ganja, zol or Durban poison among others. As ...

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Are E-cigarettes the healthier than tobacco?

can vaping on e-cigarettes cause weight loss in fatties??

A recent study has claimed that E-cigarettes are less of a cancer risk than regular cigarettes. Electric cigarettes have been relatively controversial with many people calling for solid research into their health risks – others believe they are a viable, healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, something the new study seems ...

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What a medical waste

SOUTH AFRICA has been battling with protection of medical waste and protection of patients’ information for a while and this was part of the topic at the Healthcare Innovation Summit recently in Sandton. Apparently this is all going to be a thing of the past, although it may take some ...

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Overweight women at higher risk of cancer

accordingt to research obesity increases the prevalence of cancer

A leading scientist has warned that women who struggle to lose the bulge are at greater risk of having cancer. Data revealed that the chance of getting potentially deadly forms of cancer also increased drastically as a person’s weight went up.Source: http://bit.ly/2bLG1Bs A study also revealed that on average, for ...

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Breastfeeding complaint – enough is enough!


WITH this being World Breastfeeding Awareness Week you would think that all the prejudices around breastfeeding would at least take a break as people honor woman who actually breastfeed their babies (Studies have found that breastfed babies grow up smarter than their not breastfed counter parts). But this has not ...

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